Agricultural products and Services

Our agricultural range of products are one in which we believe really gives better crops, better protection and innovating range of product to be used in simplest of the manner, here are some of the brochures that we have placed, please download for your easy use and get in touch with our services department at: and we shall be happy to offer you the whole or specific range that would suit your best needs.

Agricultural Services:

We work on with our clients to provide them long term agricultural consultancy and services, to increase their agricultural production. We do undertake the following:
a) Consultancy on agricultural produce enhancement, of-course being cross country on a larger scale of land
b) Arrange collaborations for large patches of land to be converted into agricultural land, in the most professional manner, in a way that the land holder gets his due of the land, which was lying just idle or with very less production by entering in to 30 - 40 years of land agricultural land development agreement(s)
c) Provide high level package of services for easy products on controlled temperature range (i.e. mildly air-conditioned) and help them grow the Mushroom and high profit oriented product range.
d) Provide a customized range of solution to develop special agricultural equipments which are rarely available in remote countries and needs to be customized for the large patch of land, for savings that they would make, when compelled to buy from general market.
e) Combining the three modern aspects of Internet, modern products and knowledge availability and excellent Agri-constructions we offer
developing of a full Agricultural center, to let the farmers be in touch with the growing world so that their centers can bargain the prices with the outer world in a very effective way and be more profitable and more latest.

Here are some links and brochures for your convenience:

GEC Agri Sprayers range
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Special Seed Dress brochure
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Special Fertilizer Broadcaster
Download File
Special Soil Care Silicon product
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Modern Internet based Agri Tech Center
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Jetropha Plantation Concept doc
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Bamboo Plantation composite document
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