Our Bamboo plantation services is directly in relevance to the Electrical Energy Programs that can be created through the use of Bamboo Bio-pellets.

Bamboo plantation being one the fastest growing and great sources for Bio-pellets because of its ease in growth, cutting, working on it to have the Bio-pellets is much easier.

Moreover the Bamboo plantations can be done on millions and millions of sq. ft of barren and waste lands that every country has especially in the tropical and related climate, especially in Africa and Asian and South American countries, while lot of research done gives ample scope for such plantations in lot of vast-waste lands of North American countries as well.

We offer complete program from providing :Basic pre-project consultancy Feasibility Studies for a complete plantation to Bio-pellet program and even beyond to utilize the produced Bio-pellets into Biomass Gasifiers and also in Bio-mass stoves for community or village electrification or town electrification itself.

Full physical implementation of the program by placing our teams under mutually agreed terms and clarity about funding arrangements at your end.

Also offer a buy back program on Bio-pellets since supply Bio-pellets to Power stations in Europe etc., since under mandatory green energy regulations, every coal based power producing units are supposed to use 20% of energy from Green Bio-pellet or renewable energy methods.

We have place quite some encouraging articles for your study and questions in case you get interested to take up Bamboo Plantations, especially see our detailed presentations that is attached herewith.

Our team for such plantations is head by Dr. V.J. VICTOR, M.Sc., Ph.D., F.I.A.W.S., M.B.H.N.S., Dip. Ing (Russia) and Germany, whose expertise in Bamboo and Agri-Forestry studies have won him many accolades and provides a vast range of project consultancies and implementations worldwide with prior arrangements.

GEC Eden Bamboo Plantation Presentation : Detailed
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Benefits of Bamboo Plantation : Detailed Study
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Pauline_Samata Bamboo Saint like Mother Teressa.pdf
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Bamboo Market Outlook Worldwide : 2013
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New Corporate Partnership to Help Bamboo Planters in Bolivia
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Comparative Analysis: Bamboo Plantation Vs Other Plantations
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