Biogas Systems : Domestic and Commercial:

In most of the developing and under-developed countries, where domestic cooking is done by millions of households by using wood sticks etc., this simple technology which has now upgraded itself from the earlier days into being very easy to install and linked to Gas Stove of good quality and thereby practically replacing the Wood pattern / wood - fired cooking methods to LPG like flames is a real boon to them. We offer there domestic Biogas cooking system globally and also undertake large scale commercial plants as well.

Commercial Biogas based system can be very helpful for hostels, hospital, small or large cattle farms, pig farms and even excess food wastage sites etc., our teams have installed some of the largest systems in top level countries, we have placed some videos here which will give you simple view for these simple technologies that are the need of the day and in special cases the large system can be helpful toproduce power when you connected the Biogas generated and thereafter purified in Biogas based Generating sets to produce actual electricity. CLICK ON THE LOWER RIGHT END OF THE VIDEO TO SEE THEM ON FULL SCREEN.

For bulk supplies of Domestic Bio-Gas system and implementation of large Bio-Gas systems please contact us on : e-Mailpx; or contact us on +1-212-655-5432

View this simple video to give you diea about the Domestic Biogas Systems, which is now used by thousdands of household and getting benefit of their cooking and other waste, it is a boon.

View this video to understand how simple is the installation of our SP Eco Fuel Domestic Biogas System, and because it is flexible and compact when packed it is much easier to be transported toany corner of the world and help people.

COMMERCIAL BIO-GAS SYSTEM OF LARGE DIMENSION, this video gives you idea of an extremely large system done on a turnkey basis by our SP Eco Fuel team in India and thereby giving you confidence that large system can be easily supplied and installed by us for you.