In many countries, while there is immense power shortage, there are miles and miles of forest / jungles are either not rightly utilized for energy generation purposes (By making Bio-pellets) after systematic planning and on the other side, if we see the population in and around those forest areas, they practically do not have electricity for household or educational purposes neither they have, any relief from scorching heat in summer by use of fans.

Systematic planning and right allocation of resources and consultations with experts from our team and local people can bring a fantastic change in their lives by use of Biomass Gasifiers, which all know, but somewhere the initiatives are not sufficient enough, we can help you take those steps and provide detailed study and consultancy All those forests resources can be used and then again right use of land by re-plantations with Bamboo Plantation can be used, as shown of this page: For any such scenario in any Asian, African countries please call us:

These are some of the emerging housing patterns that are coming up in countries like Ghana etc in West Africa, we offer quite interesting range, please send us your inquiry in the pages set for download herein. Whereas due to shortage of funds many Governments invite outside parties to provide investments, we help you organizing such funds.

Various housing depends on various level of funds available and parttern chosen keeping in mind the country conditions etc. Plesae conctact us with your requirements whatever and however different it could be we shall be able to cooperate and help you for housing need

The use of steel structures is very beneficial and practically uses no wood, while being fire resitatnt, durable it also makes it easier and speedier to execute the projects, for e.g. in Madagascar in a World Bank project 800 schools of 18 rooms each and 200 teachers quarters were completed in just 15 + months.