Bio-Glo Kitchen Power Stoves

Bio-Glo Kitchen power stores are made available for both Urban and Rural uses:

a) For Urban market because, it is a great support, wherever, women still uses Stoves with Kerosene, LPG or any other mode and find them getting costlier day by day and also find the availability difficult in most of the countries. Also because in most of the Urban areas in developed countries, it is difficult to have regular availability of electricity, our Bio-Glo Kitchen Power stoves are equipped with 5 Watt Solar Panel and small LED lights and also a mobile phone charger, which helps them to be in touch with their friends, family and their world,as in most of the countries incoming calls are free & SMS is very cheap.

b) In rural areas / villages, just because they need it for Reducing the Kitchen smoke, save on the huge amount of wood they use and also, since in 70% - 80% of the villages in developing and under-developed countries, there is acute shortage of power they are not able to have kitchen light and also a mobile charger and in villages, people sent to nearest town to get it charged, this becomes a boon for them in more than one way.

Here are the two models that we offer, please contact us for :

a) Bulk Inquiries for various NGOs and country requirements and (b) Corporate Social Responsibility packages