BIOMASS STOVES : Recommended by World health Organization

Biomass Stoves are the latest addition to our range of products, especially for ultimate benefit of millions of women and kids, who every day get smoke based lung problems and reduce their lives, in fact millions of women die due to such lung problems and they do not even realize that such deaths could be for these reasons.

To know more about Biomass Stoves that we offer, please see the video below.

World Health Organization (WHO) has made intense studies and have recommended that such stoves can reduce such lung problem based death earlier resulting from Kitchen smoke can reduce to the extent of 85% in just 2 - 3 years worldwide, if these Stoves are used, as it emits extremely less or negligible amount of stoves, while give high end result and calorific value to the heating and cooking process than the traditional type of cooking in villages and remote locations, The WHO report copy is placed for those interested, please download the shocking revelation and see how you can help in this project.

Our GLOBAL "BIO-GLO" BIOMASS HEALTH BLESSING STOVE is indeed a Health Blessing for families.It reduces smoke emissions upto 93% +, hence reduces the female & Child lung infection in longer run by 90 - 95%, that would happen for such reasons. Actually reduces the wood input by 45- 60% depending on type of wood and moisture content While it saves money, reduces health problems it actually is safe unit and very solid & durable.Higher capacity of models available and also for Restaurant, Canteen, Hostels etc use as well. GLOBAL BUSINESS INQUIRES BEING SERVED PRESENTLY AND WELCOME FROM ANY COUNTRY. PLEASE SEE THE VIDEO BELOW TO LEARN MORE IN DETAIL ABOUT BIOMASS STOVES TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY AND HELP REDUCE MAJOR HEALTH HAZARD FOR WOMEN & CHILDREN.

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