BIOMASS STOVES : Recommended by World health Organization

Public hygiene and proper sanitation is basic requirement of any country, but yet in 2014 era as well, there are many countries, who are really deficient in this regard and lot of attention has all of a sudden been drawn to these areas and a partner in concern, we offer various real practical and fast solving solutions.

All this so essential, because apart from the health factor concerns, spread of diseases and the surrounding lack of sanitation, the drain out on national exchequer is very heavy which for e.g. in case of India it is said by World Bank that India stands to loose $5 Billion (Rs. 30,000 crores) annually because of poor sanitation.

We offer various solutions :

  • BioPic Waterless toilets from Europe (No water required & easy to clean... download brochure below) .... These are also available in mobile set up also, CE and TUV approved
  • Whole range of ECOJOHN Waterless Toilets, Garbage Destroyers and small Municipal and Health Incinerators, all attached documents placed on this gives you detailed information.
  • We also work with Media companies, to place their advertisements on the public toilets as shown in the picture above, giving them edge to spend money on their corporate social responsibility budgets as well while they advertise their products on the external walls.

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