The era for saving on ENERGY SECTOR has come quite some time back, but at the same time, IT IS NOW TIME TO HAVE ELECTRICITY IN EVERY CORNER OF RURAL AREAS, GLOBALLY and as prices of Diesel / Gasoline increases every month, Biomass Gasifiers provide a very great alternative to it for offering it to every country.

These systems basically convert woody biomass /agricultural wastes like rice-husk, coconut waste etc into a combustible gas which can be used in a number of ways: Imagine, Wood Waste, Agricultural Waste, Coconut Waste, Rice Husk, and many other such feed stock materials, giving way to 100% of the diesel (Gasoline) used in Generator Set. The technology is now used in many countries, INDIA in particular has embarked in an extremely great way on to this and we offer the system and TECHNOLOGY for marketing and manufacturing joint venture in all DEVELOPING AND UNDER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES.

Recently launched are 100% gas engines which can be coupled with our Gasifier systems so that the use of diesel could be totally eliminated. We are currently covering a range of 5 kW to 5 Mega Watt and this unique opportunity overcomes the past difficulties in providing power and energy to distant, scattered areas etc. in a highly efficient and economic manner. And the systems are now available on a commercial basis – after extensive Research & Development We therefore request you to please consider the facts given above as also the enclosed brochures and write-ups and let us have your specific requirements and application details so that we could make an attractive and complete financial offer. We are also quite open to enter into appropriate business arrangements for local production of our systems once the technology is well demonstrated and accepted – for a given country. We therefore keenly look forward to hear from you.