Avya Non Electrical Water Purification system was formed with a vision of developing / bringing green and sustainable solutions to primarily enhance the quality of living for the millions of people that live in rural and underdeveloped areas of the globe. Additionally these technological solutions provide green alternatives to people in urban settings to meet their basic needs of power and drinking water.

Droughts, alarming water pollution and ever increasing and critical requirement for clean drinking water necessitate innovative and smart thinking for finding green and sustainable solutions. Typical drinking water sources in rural areas are lakes, streams and ground water that are contaminated with fluoride, arsenic, iron, nitrates and pathogens. More than 65% of people visiting a hospital all across the world suffer from water borne diseases/ ailments.

Technology: Avya brings Sine Qua Non Filter (SQN), one of the world's most advanced water filtration technology through a strategic partnership with US based company. The technology was originally developed with the purpose of recycling and purifying the space cabin water for future manned missions into space. Avya is now introducing this technology to address the aforementioned various water quality issues of bacteria/virus, arsenic, fluoride and other heavy metals.

These filters are also incorporated with a fine carbon powder that is electrically bonded to the surface of the filter media. This electro-adhesive bonding eliminates the need for glues, binders and adhesives typically found in ordinary carbon filters and hence leaves 100% of the carbon free for chemical adsorption.

The AWFS system uses a series of SQN filters and pre-filters, designed to be used at grass root levels and operates through simple user interface options of a bicycle pump, hand crank, mechanical/pneumatic/hydraulic hand pump and solar/wind energy. It is extremely easy to operate and maintain. FOR MORE DETAILS Click on the detailed document ; see the video or / and call us on +1-212-655-5432 or / and eMail on :

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