In an age where domestic fuel costs are rising each year, Solar Cooker is a real boon for the housewife. Reasonably priced, easy to use and completely trouble free, solar cooker is an ideal supplement to conventional cooking appliances and one which can be used efficiently in most parts of our country, for more than ten months in a year.
Solar Cooker is entirely non-polluting. It has no ill effects (such as smoke or fume) on health.
Cooking is clean - no mess. Food cooking in Solar Cooker tastes better, is more nutritious and healthy as all ingredients are preserved because there is no intense heat but a low steady temperature which is best for cooking food.
Because of this controlled heat, food never gets over-roasted or burnt. However, care should be taken to ensure that cooking does not go on after all the moisture from the food evaporates.
The design and construction of Solar Cooker being very simple, they are easy to operate even by a novice.

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