Waste to Energy Projects

Disposing off waste, whether it is Municipal waste or Hospital waste or Industrial waste, it is always a big concern, since it is directly related to public life and health. At the same time, if managed correctly there are technologies that can be double benefit to all sides and profits to the investor or project developer and a pat on the shoulders for doing good to the society.

If you minutely see the above large image, you will would notice, the end result has not been show, below picture shows that ultimately the end result is that it produces power for any application, whether it is a village, small town or large town or even a mega metropolis. And that is where we offer these solutions at a very very reasonable scale, and for obviously at a very reasonable project cost and for the groups who would invest in it becomes a very good case of "SOCIAL SERVICE COMBINED WITH CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY.

We offer very reasonably budgeted solution, for which after seeing the process flow chart you may contact us for preparing a proposal or feasibility report for Banking finance purposes, we offer Project Incubation consultation and entire turnkey execution packages for Garbage disposal upto 5000 Tons per day project of Garbage disposal by producing Bio-pellets and feeding them in Biomass Gasifier to produce electrical energy.

GEC_NBP_Treated_MSW Process_Flow Chart
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Contact: technology@globalenergycollaborations.com, with c.c. copy to: sales@globalenergycollaborations.com for more details and how you or your client take benefit of this unique solution which is way cheaper than the systems that are offered in the range of $30-$40 M.

IF YOU HAVE SERIOUS PROPOSITION FOR YOUR TOWN / CITY / COMMUNITY / INDUSTRY , FILL UP THE FORM ATTACHED BELOW AND SET UP A TIME TO DISCUSS WITH US THE POSSIBILITIES. Without the form being sent to us it would not be viable for us to set a techno-commercial discussion on the project, please fill in and send the form..

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