Pure Water availability ? A worldwide problem, leading to 65% + avoidable diseases.

A solution that awaits millions of villages.

Many organizations worldwide offer solutions for water solutions, but there are very very few that offer solutions for Pure Drinking water on village level, especially in those villages where electricity itself is not available. Again budget is a constraint at many many countries, we all know there are very sophisticated and mini-solutions also, something like Life-Saver Water Bottles are also available, as you see in the webpage, but how many people in distant villages can afford US $150 or GBPunds 99+, http://www.lifesaversystems.com/lifesaver-products/lifesaver-bottle, and that too again the fear of loosing or getting it stolen and with such high costs, not enabling to create a water delivery model that can be used cooking purposes as well.

We offer economical, village level customized and durable solutions, that in following manner:

Pure water solutions, in hilly and other terrains where bringing in water pipes is still a problem and would remain for a long long time:


a) AWG (Attmospheric Water Generators) running on electrical supply from Biomass Gasifiers can provide upto 1000 absolute pure water out of mere thin air )
b) Pure water solutions, in areas where ground water is available and Water Centers are created for villages
with Biomass Gasifiers or Solar PV systems with Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet Water Purification system.
c) Solar Water Pump based Solutions, for availing water for agricultural farms and water for villagers.

ABOVE MODELS, ARE AVAILABLE, AS A COMMERCIAL MODEL OR A GOVERNMENT WELFARE PROGRAM, withe electronic tracking of mini-payments and even devising a track-able responsible pure water delivery program to avoid over-use or wastages by anyone. Every solutions is different, depending from area to area, state to state or from country to country, in many cases depending on the following factors as well:
i) Rural Development policies of the country, if any subsidy is available on the project cost. [for e.g. in India, there is 30% subsidy on Biomass Gasifiers or use of solar energy for any such project)
ii) Any tax incentive is given in any state or nation, for any investor to start a renewable energy based pure water program [Some countries like India, offer 80% First Year Depreciation on Energy based programs, USA offers 50% accelerated depreciation, thereby making it an attractive viable project to be taken by customers]
iii) Investment that one put in or what Banking Program can be devised for that. AND FEW OTHER ASPECTS, WHICH GO INTO MAKING UP OF A PRACTICAL PROGRAM THAT LASTS LONG.

I am placing this unique video that will explain you the importance of Pure Water in Indian villages and many countries throughout the world and hence feel proud to share the idea of our indepth implementation efforts that we wish to make in this regard, please watch till the end. Please e mail us to schedule a detailed discussion: watersols@globalenergycollaborations.com

PLEASE SEE HERE OUR DETAILED PRESENTATION ON AIR TO WATER MAKER ... A unique system to provide pure water at any location
GEC Air to Water (Pure) Production System
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This video indeed shows the problem faced in Africa in some countries, the emphasis is on taking up a subject that we can solve as a Dealer of Marketing or Manufacturing associate, by sitting distinctly and still working on to offer solutions that can be solved by our product lines, PLEASE.

This particular video film brought to the world by BBC, is indeed a reflection of how much poorly things have been cared by people, administrators and politicians and overlook in a major way for which there are small / medium and all range of solutions it is just that we have to work together for.